Today’s Lunch…

I have this recurring task in my Visor to figure out a lunch schedule. I’m tempted to delete it. 🙂

Today, here’s what I have to do:

Work until 3:30 or so. Drive over to class, which starts at 3:55. Stay awake in class until 5:15. Go directly to Engineering Building to conduct three hours of interviews from 5:30-8:30. Go directly to the UC to serve one of my two official SGA duties, as we have Assembly tonight at 8:45. After that meeting, sit through the next meeting, which will likely run until 11:00.

Where do you think I’m going to eat in there, eh? It’s 12:30, and I’m just now thinking about it.

I’m glad I ate a good breakfast. It may be the best meal I eat all day.


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