“Are you trying to kill your truck?”

This weekend was interesting; I’ll write reflections on it soon enough when I’ve had time to recollect everything and make it work. I’ve been babbling at Sean about things for the last hour or so on ICQ, but my creative muse is probably in my still-unpacked luggage.

I came home to the Cleaning Fools, otherwise known as Todd and Blake, having a good time [well, that’s a relative term] making our apartment spotless. I feel like such a slacker. [Here comes Todd with some smack, I’m sure.] I’m going to try to get stuff done tonight at home, mainly because it’s a nice guilt trip laid down from my roommates. 🙂

My truck enjoys not pulling a trailer. Never pull a trailer with a 4-cylinder engine. Just save yourself the agony, especially if you’re driving in Central Alabama. For the record, I hate Bridlee Mountain: standing on my throttle while in 3rd gear and still losing speed just plain sucked.

But I’m home, reasonably tired, and recharged. All is good.