Silly Sportswriters

Remember Friday, when I was so mad at Len Pasquerelli that I could spit? Well, I was right!

This weekend, you had the Eagles coming in to Chicago to play the Bears. Donovan McNabb is the inexperience guy, but he shines and wins big time over the Bears, whose QB [Jim Miller] was injured and replaced by another veteran guy, Shane “I want to play for the Redskins” Matthews. You also saw the Rams and the Packers get together, and the most experienced of all the QB’s this postseason, Brett Favre, tossed six interceptions.

Over in the AFC, whippersnapper Tom Brady guided the Patriots to a win over the Raiders, who have the aged Rich Gannon under center. Then you’ve got Kordell Stewart leading the Steelers over the Ravens and Elvis Grbac, but both of those guys are “cagey veterans”.

I hate sportswriting.