20,000 Isn’t High Enough

Man, the old saw about 20,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean being a good start isn’t enough.

There is serious talk of a class action lawsuit …

against fast food companies.

Isn’t it time for Bush to clean house in the Cabinet yet? Let’s zap Ashcroft and Satcher, tout suite!


  1. I still don’t understand how they define overweight. So they decided at some point that some arbitrary weight is the best for people of a given height and build… yet 2/3 of the american people are overwight by that definition. I propose that the proper weight should be figured as the average and in that case we’ll have 50% overwight (as well as 50% who are underweight)

    All I know is that I’m healthy, happy eating, and take down some lawyers and politicians if they try to take my McDonalds away.

  2. Victor: bite me, dude. Don’t make me come beat your skinny butt. 🙂

    Doug: pig out, fool. TP’s goin’ to N’Awlins, baby!

    Rick: You could stand to lose maybe 15. I could stand to lose a helluva lot more. 🙂

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