Mental Block

I have so much I want to write about, and I can’t. It sucks. 🙁

Oh well, writer’s block usually goes away. I’ve talked to scads of people on IM today, which has made the day progress quickly. [That, and working on schedules. It’s so mindless, it flies.] I’ve talked with Aaron, Amy, Becka, and Heather at times, often all at once. Lots of blinkenlights.

I just got a call from Darin … his wife is sick, and she doesn’t need to be near their baby, so I’m taking his Bible study tonight. Joy joy joy, three hours of teaching kids! This will be GOOD!


  1. Hey dude! The blue, or whatever color that is, is really hard on the eyes. Hard to see, I know I’m colorblind and all but it kind of clashes with the rest of the site don’t you think?

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