Friday Five-ish

Smells? Smells? Ehhhh, but hey.

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear? I almost always don’t wear it. I’d rather just smell like Irish Spring and whatever shampoo I’m using at the time.

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex? Actually, not too much of anything–personally, I just like a nice fruity shampoo smell on a woman. I love the scent of a woman’s hair; it means her head is resting on my chest. 🙂

3. What one smell can you not stomach? Hrm. There are lots of bad smells in the world. Having lived with Hockey Stench[TM] for a while, though, I don’t think smells bother me anymore.

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird? I’ve gotten used to Hockey Stench[TM] now. It doesn’t really bother me anymore.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Dinner with Kat and Sean on Saturday night, intramural street hockey on Sunday. Yes, I’m the keeper. I’m going to be the other team’s bitch, I fear, until I get used to it.