Weblogs and Journals

It’s funny: I’ve been looking through the nominees for the 2002 Bloggies, and I had a few thoughts:

1. I find it interesting that Noah Grey was withdrawn in every manner, including GM for logware. Interesting because in my opinion, Noah has no equal. 🙂

2. It’s all a guilty pleasure.

3. They withdrew journals from the competition.

I’ve still got Journalizers.com sitting there in Park. The big problem is time: I don’t have it to give to the project, not that and keep up with helping out over on the GreyMatter forums. I find that helping people is more important than my only silly little projects.

But really, I was underwhelmed. I mean, okay, so you reflect society well. Yahoo.

I really do like journals better than Weblogs, and you might find that funny, considering how rarely my journals have entries. But I look at it like this: anyone can look outside of themselves. It’s harder to look inside. The better “Weblogs”, in my mind, aren’t Weblogs at all–they’re journals that distract you from time to time by pointing you to something external.

That’s why I separated the Weblog from the journal … that and the fact that I see how long it’s been since I’ve written a journal entry, and it will shame me into writing one. 🙂


  1. I separated my weblog from my journal as well. My journal is a place for introspection and hopefully serious thoughts, whereas my blog is a place purely for fun and craziness. Odd tidbits here and there. Random thoughts. I created a blog in order to get my journal more on track.

    My blog is highly more popular than my journal for some reason though. I cannot at all figure it out.

  2. And on a different note, why would greymatter be withdrawn from the software? It’s perfectly suitable to do blogs.

    I think the bloggies are a huge waste of time anyway. Journals are one thing, but giving an award to someone because they composed the prettiest pile of links? Absurd.

  3. Actually, I withdrew myself – and I had to beg to do it. Here’s my rant about it – in a nutshell, I’m just profoundly uncomfortable with the work of my heart and soul (including Greymatter) being part of some popularity contest; that goes so completely against what I’m about.

    If it makes other people happy to be part of this whole thing, then God bless ’em and more power to them. It’s just not me.

  4. I heartily agree with Noah. I don’t think awards mean diddly. It just means that a lot of people like you. But if you don’t like you, what matters? And as long as you like you, that’s all you need.

    As for Weblogs being more popular than journals … I think it’s because the former are more accessible. Seems silly, because I’d rather peer into someone’s soul. Alas.

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