“You’re going down, Optimus Prime”

Today was our intramural floor hockey team’s first game. In a weak moment, I agreed to play in net so Blake could play out. Contrary to probably most everyone’s pre-game opinion, I didn’t suck ass. Hell, Blake said I had a good game, and honestly, he wouldn’t lie to me.

We held the opposing team scoreless in the first period. We gave up three goals in the second, mostly due to mental mistakes [and one due to me not wanting to floop on the blacktop and mess up Blake’s leg pads–he very graciously let me borrow them, and I didn’t want to mess them up]. I gave up another in the third [despite what my defense said, it was my fault, dammit–I was out of position, and I knew it], but our guys picked up two to bring it to a 4-2 loss.

Of course, our opponents could put out three lines a period, and we had just enough people to play. Big ups to Blake, Lauren, Jason, and Stenberg for keeping the heat off of me. When we get some reinforcements, I think we’ll have a good little team–provided that I learn from my mistakes and keep on playing.

I’m infected. I need to go find some used leg pads and a used blocker … 🙂