I’m here. Really. It’s just the SOS, DD.

Funniest thing to happen to me lately did so last night. Just after twilight, I was standing in front of UAH’s Engineering Building with a load of chairs we’d just off-loaded from my truck. I see my friend J walk out of EB and start towards his car. I nod. He nods. He runs into someone he knows, stops and talks.

While they talk, J looks again … he realizes who it is. It was pretty dark out, and with my beard back, I guess I look a little different in the dark. Finally, he looks over and says, “Geof Morris?” I nodded, and when he was finished, he walked over. We talked a bit, and he noted that one his friends [victor, who posts here under a pseudonym, and I’ll protect and respect that] had shown him IJSM. J said, “I’ve been reading it for the past week. It’s funny as hell, especially as I know you.”

Dammit, that’s what’s weird about having people I know read IJSM … 🙂


  1. I find it awkward when people mention my site in real life. Just about all of Mark’s family reads my site (which I find very odd) and feel the need to resurrect topics I talked about in my journal as if they were following up on a past conversation between us.

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