Random Thoughts

Well, I just trucked it over to UAH and back. I’d written a resolution for SGA that I hadn’t signed; I was supposed to sign it this morning, but like a moron, I’d forgotten to go. So I drove over, and had a bunch of random thoughts:

— It’s hot today. Well, at least to be wearing flannel-lined jeans. They’re comfy, but I didn’t check the weather report. D’oh! [Of course, it was hot last night, too; I had to engage the air conditioner to get cool enough to sleep well.]

— The main reason I want to stay in college, I think, is the ability to drive through a campus full of pretty women and not be looked upon as some old pervert who drives through looking at pretty women. See the sticker on the back of the truck? I go to school here, ladies!

— The SGA Office never changes: it always remains a place that has a gravitational field that attracts you to it and distorts time while you are there.

— Leonard looks goofy as hell with a goatee and that long hair. But I look almost as goofy with the beard. So nyah.

— The smallest things can change in the University Center, and I notice them instantly.

— Samantha and Renea have to be two of the cuter girls on campus. Better still, they both pretend to like me. Woohoo!

— Beautiful, sunny days are conducive to class-skipping. But being a good boy this semester–102 days until graduation, 90 until the end of finals–I’m going to go, no matter how boring Dr. Cost is.

— The real reason the Weblog gets the “Bachelor of Arts in Time Mismanagement” moniker is because any trained babboon can write a Weblog. You just have to write down whatever comes to you. Writing a journal, now that’s much more difficult.