The Story of, Well, Me

Heh. I’m going to do something exceedingly cruel to all of you.

I’m going to ask you to write about me. 🙂

I’m desirous of changing the “School History” page to something that explains IJSM a bit better, but in doing so, I also want to redo my biography. [No worries; I won’t toss what’s there away. I’m a packrat–got that from Dad.]

So, if you know me, online or off, this is your opportunity to tell a funny story about me, how you first got to know me, or whatever. I’m curious what all you’ll have to say.


  1. I think the best thing I can do is tell about how Geof and I met.

    Amy (domesticat) bartered food and alcohol to have me and the rest of the geek clan here in Huntsvegas help relandscape her front yard (I have a short history in Horticulture). If you have seen pictures you know there were 4 large holly bushes that offended her, so they had to come out. I had taken out two of them on a previous trip, but the two that were left were friggin’ huge! Well I had been introduced to Geof at this point, but had not really spoken to him since I was trying to do some of the directing.

    We finally started to try pulling out the holly bushes, so Geof goes and gets a piece of nylon rope from the back of his car, proceeds to tie the rope around the trailer hitch, and then the bush. The truck gas pedal is pushed and the rope promptly breaks. At this point we knew it was going to be manual labor that got rid of the damnable bush. We dig out some more of the root structure and then Geof and I get on either side of this thing (we cut off all the prickly branches) and stary pulling it back and forth using our combined substantial weight.

    Noone can resist the combined power of Geof and Sean, although it can hurt us trying. We get the thing to give and then we both get on one side pulling, it breaks loose and we both promptly tumble onto the ground. A victory cheer and dance soon followed.

    Since then I have learned that combined our humor can send most norman humans and geeks into fits of laughter. I have also learned that when I need to speak my mind, I always have a friend in Geof to turn to. Here’s to beer, bowling and friendship. *cheers*

  2. No, not at all. I don’t have to always be the long-winded bastard around here.

    Oh, the photos that go with Sean’s story are here. Hopefully Amy won’t kill me for linking over to ‘ for that. Normally I’d pull the photo and put it on IJSM, but Amy’s new photo-code-fu has it to where I can’t see the URL. Heh.

  3. Yes kids, I think it’s time for the famous Gee-off story.

    Freshman year of college. Geof, Jessica, Jared, and I decided to go to a Jars of Clay concert at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. We decided to take Jess’s car, a green Buick Skylark.

    The concert was great. We journeyed back to the car, and Geof agreed to drive home. We all piled in, Geof started backing out, and wham! He hits the Dodge Neon parked next to us. Not hard, mind you, but enough to where Jess said something like, "Get out, I’m driving."

    We still give Geof grief about that. 🙂

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