Friday Five-ish

BTW, kudos to Amy for giving Heather a bit of help with the FF:

1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma? I am such a non-geek. I never had braces. I never had glasses. Other than my metabolism and a bad ticker, I came into this world with pretty good skills. 🙂

The only tooth problem I’ve ever had was the one of my wisdom teeth that impacted. It wasn’t so bad, but I was in school at MSMS and had to go to one of the faculty to find a good local dentist. I wasn’t about to drive 150 miles to go home and see Dr. Woods, not in the pain I was in at the time.

2. Ever broken any bones? Only one, but I’ve broken it seven or eight times now. I was playing soccer in sixth grade when I broke my pinky trying to quick-set a goal kick. The wind knocked the ball down, and as I reached down to stop the ball from rolling, I jammed it into the ground. That was on Thursday … it wasn’t until Sunday after church that we went for X-rays and found out it was broken.

It didn’t hurt that badly, but it was a dull ache. Mom got tired of me rubbing it and wincing; she said at the time that she was “the worst mother in the world” for letting me go that long without having it checked out. Nah, Mom, I’m just stubborn.

The break is in a bad spot, though–right below the farthest joint from the hand. It breaks easily. The funniest break was in playing touch football–our QB threw the pass behind me on a crossing route, and the point of the ball hit my pinky right at the appropriate spot. Hurt like hell, but I kept playing. Later on, I went back into the dorm for some athletic tape and gauze … the dorm secretary was floored that I 1) knew what had happened 2) kept playing anyway and 3) could fix a splint in under 30 seconds. But when you’ve done it this often … 😀

3. Ever had stitches? Nope, but I should have. Our gifted class ran a haunted house at school one year. My friend Randy and I recreated Frankenstein in a ghoulish way, I guess. I was on an operating table with cold, wet spaghetti that had been soaked in food coloring all over appropriate parts of my body. Randy had a shrub trimmer that he used to “operate”, but it had the chain off of it. Safe, right?

Nope. I reached out to grab a cute girl as she walked by … Randy reached out with the trimmer … we met … the trimmer won. It dug into the outside of my left wrist. I still have a couple triangular-shaped scars from it. I should have had stitches, but I cleaned it off and slapped a Band-Aid on it and walked back into the haunted house …

To this day, I hate haunted houses, not because I scare easily, but because of that day.

4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars? Heh, oops. 🙂 The other serious scar I have is on my right knee … we were at MacFarland State Park in Florence, Ala., with my grandparents in their Airstream trailer. I was running on gravel, and slipped and fell. Being about seven at the time, I predictably hobbled back to the trailer crying like a small child. I remember my grandfather sternly admonishing me for acting like such a baby as he cleaned it up and bandaged it. It’s another case where I should have had stiches, I guess–the skin around the cut died, actually. It was kind of nasty-looking, but to a seven-year-old boy, still kinda cool. Mom freaked a bit when she saw it.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Well, let’s see … I have a pile of homework. I have server admin to do on I have an Art History test to study for. I have Stability and Control homework to do. I have Engineering Systems homework to do and a test to study for in there. I have another intramural floor hockey game Sunday, and then the kids are watching the Super Bowl at church, and I might have to be the grillmaster for that.

Aren’t weekends supposed to be a time to relax, refresh, and renew? Bah.