Revenue Sharing in Baseball

This column by Joe Sheehan on the Baseball Prospectus Web site has to be one of the most concisely-written and logical treatments of the idea of revenue sharing in Major League Baseball that I’ve read. Go read it.

Then, turn around and read Gary Huckabay’s rebuttal of Joe’s insistence that we, as baseball fans, have no business worrying about how much players make. It’s an interesting take, and I agree with most of what Gary said.

My lone sticking point is this: I think a system where all owners are guaranteed a profit doesn’t promote mass complacency. It puts the onus back on winning, not the bottom line. You will have outliers who like to make money more than they like winning [see Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, and Bill Bidwell, owner of the Arizona Cardinals], but those men are a rara avis in this field. Rich men often are competitive, and their playtoys, if profitable, will urge more competition. 🙂