Just a Note

Katharine, you almost ran me over in the Roberts Hall parking lot this morning. I started to attack the Saturn, but I could tell that you’d just put it in first gear and were about to accelerate.

I mean, God forbid that I should ever see any of you during the week, eh?

Art History exam was great. I only was totally lost one time, and that’s because I missed Tuesday’s class for some IPT Madness. But other than that, I feel like I really kicked that exam’s butt. I wish I could say the same for my Analysis of Engineering Systems exam from last night, but I can’t. I mumbled to myself halfway through, “Have I been in this class before? Is this still MAE 488?” The top of the test said so, anyway.

Oh well, Dr. Cost scales. I think I’ll have an A in Art History and I know I’ll have an A in IPT. I’ll hope for B’s or C’s in the other two to preserve my precious barely-above-a-3.0 GPA, and see if I can keep the senioritis from completely infecting my transcript…


  1. Damn, and here I actually thought that I _had_ run you over. 😉 I seriously didn’t see you. If it was Thursday, I was in a hurry to get to my next lab, so that I could get my program on a floppy before class.

    I’ll have to start leaving notes on your truck. 🙂 We can have car conversations during the week.

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