You Knew It Would Happen …

… the day when someone got mad at someone for having one too many items in the Express Checkout lane. Yeesh.


  1. you think maybe the lady deserved the beatdown? maybe she was overdue a lesson in common courtesy?

    just the other day i ran into wal-mart to get four items i think it was (it was no more than four). i was determined to get in and out _fast_, so i grabbed my stuff and jumped in the express lane. i noticed the lady two carts ahead of me seemed to have a lot of stuff, but i just thought "ah, she’s just got big items." boy, i was wrong. about 5 minutes later, that lady finally pulled her 60th or so item. (i was sorta counting.) now, i didn’t call down the thunder on her anything, but i sure was wishing somebody would. (i was also wishing i’d got in another line.)

    reckon when we’re waiting in line for our ticket to heaven or hell, God’s gonna be like "you people never learn, do you? this is the 1,000,000 or less sin line. get over there where you belong! [pointing to the line to hell]"

    that’d be strange wouldn’t it?

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