Well, I got a sense this weekend of what our French counterparts are being expected to do for their part of our senior design project. We can work with them … but I’m going to recommend that we not in future years. It has nothing to do with the quality of their work: it is excellent! But really, it’s just not what we need in this realm. The French educational system and our own are just too difficult to intermesh … at least when students are in charge of the intermeshing.

There are days when I feel the hair falling out. Yesterday and today, I have. I feel the sinus headache building.

May 12, May 12. 70 days from today; ten weeks away. If I make it to then without being placed in a padded room, well, God be praised!

I guess I better do the last bit of the prep work. Bitching about stress may be fun to do [and fun for you to read], but it’s not getting my work finished.