SGA Stuff

Oh, as a note: I realized on my drive home from church last night that, while I’d like to do the whole SGA thing, it falls too low on my priority list to matter worth a damn. I’ve made one person an offer to be their VP runningmate, but if they turn me down, I’ll quietly withdraw and go on with my life.

Yes, I am at peace with this.


  1. So this is the new decision? As long as you are happy with your decision, I’m happy for you.

    And I didn’t think you needed the stress of SGA on top of finishing your bachelor’s and starting your master’s. 🙂

  2. Happy? Perhaps not 100%. Dammit, I *want* to be SGA President. But I recognize that I really can’t tackle the world with one arm and juggle with my free hand. I’m learning that.

    Maybe next year. Maybe never.

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