Well, that’s done.

Well, it’s gobbled up all of my last four days, but our Phase II review went well for IPT. I am still sitting here in our now-barren team room, which is devoid of all furniture save for the computer desk. I’m chatting with Todd, sifting through unread emails and unreplied voice mails, and generally glowing in a job-well-done. The review team didn’t tee off on the big softball we lobbed at them–our design selection could be a technical violation of the project specification. Maybe, maybe not; but they seemed to like the idea just as much as we did, and so did the customer.

The funniest thing about the presentation? My realization halfway through the second round of presentations that I barely have a majority of native English speakers on my team. Three members of my team are students at ESTACA, one is Finnish, and one is Ecuadorian. I mean, we’re the freaking UN.

I’m babbling. I think I’m going home soon.


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