DFX 6.0 for MusicMatch: A New Preset

If you’re like me, and you listen to lots of very acoustically focused folk music, I have a preset that I use on such songs that I think you’ll like more than the original “Folk” preset. Here’s what I use:

  • Fidelity: 7 [Propping up the fidelity adds to the brush on the strings, as well as brings the vocals out. Key for this music.
  • Ambience: 0 [Acoustic music, as you probably know, is best heard close-up, and doesn’t amplify well in my book. Killing ambience is the key thing.
  • Dynamic Boost: 6 [I think it may just be that these speakers suck ass. Anyway, it boosts levels.]
  • Hyperbass: 2 [Just enough to get the thrum on the lower strings. That’s all you need. This isn’t beat box flava.]

Hopefully this will benefit at least one other person. 🙂


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