Another Hurdle Cleared

Well, I’m now done with my Aircraft Stability & Control project deliverable. Now, do I stay up late and study for Art History, or get up early? I’m voting for the former, even though I’ll hate doing it; I’m afraid I won’t do the latter. Grrrr.

Must drive home and sleep.


  1. wow. Did you see the URL I typed down there?

    Man, that’s a piece of work right there.


    Now, here’s my question. I can sort of make out some of it. (For some reason, I guess I thought you’d be here to watch TV with me when I got home???? I think that would be the "yv") What the hell is "ceykseys"??

  2. I got such a laugh out of it, Tiff, that I don’t even care what you were trying to say. If I knew, it would probably be less funny. 🙂

    I guess you were thinking you wanted to watch TV with me on the couch at your place.

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