Well, I realized that I woke up this morning much as I did six months ago … awake early with a headache, then back to sleep for a bit, waking up around 7:30 and hauling off to the shower around 7:45.

I couldn’t bring myself to turn the TV off. I feared another disaster should I have done so. I’m not very superstitious, but about some things …

But there are happier things to talk about. Lunch, for example: with Amy and Jeff, Rick and Jess, and Kat and Sean. Happy lunch over Schlotzsky’s. Funny discussions. Sean causing trouble. You know, life. I looked around the room, all of us entrenched in our own little ruts: Amy with her dad; Jeff with his work; Sean with his possible job change; Kat with classes; Rick and I with graduation, and Rick with moving; Jess with planning for a wedding a year hence. All of us with our own worries and frustrations, mostly setting them aside for a brief respite over lunch.

Try and convince me that introversion is a good thing. I dare you.