The best thing about the nuttiness of my semester? Oh, I’d say it’s the fact that I don’t have time to ponder my mistakes, get frustrated about them, worry them to death, etc. I just bonked on the second MAE 488 midterm [bad news: I bonked on the first one, too], doing a couple things I knew better than to do, I guess. At least I got far enough long with it to run the model through the computer, look at the output going to infinity, and realize, “D’oh! You moron! You had a sign wrong on that spring force!” I wrote that down; hopefully Dr. Cost will realize that I realized the error of my ways, ran up against the Evil Demon of Time, and had to give up on it.

You know, most times, I’d spend my whole evening moping about the house, going, “If only I’d thought about it while I was doing it…”–but I can’t. Nope: gotta sketch out some stuff on this MAE 480 deliverable and review me some Art History … as well as remember to make the changes on the performance reviews I did for my design team today in about 10 minutes, when I realized I had to have them done by 2:30 … said realization coming at 2:10.

See, I can just go, “Okay, well, you screwed that up, but move on.” Before, I wouldn’t have done that, and the next day’s stuff would have suffered. Roll with the punches, get your fists back up, and look for the next opportunity to KO the bastard.

62 days until graduation … 50 until the end of finals. May God rest my weary soul then.