Mid-term Mayhem

It’s that time again. Analysis of Engineering Systems exam this afternoon, Art History in the morning, project deliverable due in Aircraft Stability and Control in the morning, AS&C midterm next Tuesday after I get back from Niagara.

Yeah, and we leave for Niagara at about 3:00 a.m. Thursday. That’ll be a long, long day … flight to BWI, connection to BUF, taxi from BUF to Niagara, get in the hotel, get to the Dwyer, watch Niagara play Air Force, call UAH v. Findlay, CHA Shin-Dig post-game until who knows when.

Then, get up the next morning, switch hotel rooms [we’re staying with the UAH Pep Band Friday night, so we’re in their block of rooms], hopefully call UAH v. Bemidji, watch NU/USAFA v. Wayne State, party hearty that night. Clear out of hotel rooms Saturday morning, generally ass around in Niagara during the day, catch [preferably call] the championship game, get on a bus, head home, get here early Sunday afternoon … direct choir that night.

I want to go back to bed now.


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