Mmmmm, spring.

Kat keeps up with this kind of thing more than I do [I guess it’s our variance in religious beliefs–see, I’m more keen on what happens in another week and a half], but today is the vernal equinox. So it’s cool if you have a PalmOS-powered handheld to break out CityTime and see the sun traverse the earth … with a solid block of darkness and light.

In case you’ve never played with CityTime, it shows the entire globe on a flat map [distortions included, yes], and it places shaded bars wherever night has fallen at the time. Most days, there’s a distinct curvature towards the poles of the globe [or, here, the top and bottom of the screen] due to the curvature of the earth and how things are pointed. But today, on the vernal equinox, our poles are aligned with our position around the sun, so we’ve got an even sunlight distribution. Happens twice a year, and if you’re bored, you can be like me, pull out the Visor, and play.

I’m such a dork. 🙂


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