Showing Love

Well, today’s my day to go out to the Geek Country Estate and go play with the cats.

Pardon me while I chuckle a bit at this thought.

Sean and Kat are headed out in the morning [maybe tonight, who knows] to Atlanta to get on a plane to Boston. They’re going skiing with her brother and his girlfriend, generally futzing around and enjoying a vacation. I’m glad for them to go–Kat’s class stuff has kept her too far from Sean of late, and it’s Away From Huntsville[TM]. Good.

However, Kitty Sitting Duty has been rotating between Jeremy and Kat. With Kat gone, I get to go play with Edmund and Tenzing. I’m actually going to enjoy this–they’re pretty cool, for cats. But the irony of a guy who’s not totally in love with cats, mainly due to his allergies to them, going across the county to go take care of two cats who no doubt really miss their parents isn’t lost on me.

But today, it’s the only way I can show my love for Jeff and Amy in this time for them. -sigh- It’s the little things, though. Maybe a little kitty-lovin’ on Tenzing will help him to not be so manic when they get back. Ed, I know, is going to be a lost cause–he’ll only respond to Amy. I know they’re going to all need each other when they get back, though, so it’s good. So, I guess if I can’t hug Amy or Jeff right now, the least I can do is hug their cats, play with them, make sure they’re good and fed and watered, and run ’em around the house a little. It’s not much, but it’s something.