What’s worse — being in a classroom on Saturday during Spring Break, or at work at 10:15 p.m. one night during Spring Break? Hrmmmmmmmmm …

Had to do a fantasy baseball draft. Feel like I did well. Here, I knew I had a good connection. Here, I knew I could work quietly. Sure. There’s maybe five people in the building. I’m probably the only engineer in here.

Funny, I can call myself an engineer now and not snicker. -blink- That’s just toooooooo weird.

My computer is working here again. They got things going. So I’m listening to MP3’s on my nice nifty MP3 player. I need to see if Sean and I can find some memory cards for our identical players before he leaves CompUSA … I can expand to like 192MB of filespace, which is more than I’ll ever want for this thing, because it’s mainly going to see use at the gym.

Yes, the gym. Headed there after work tomorrow, probably. I played Ultimate Frisbee with the kids at church today, which was my workout for the day. But I have to get my lard butt back in the gym. Might as well start now.

Off for home. I’m going to be depressed if I sit here much longer.