Googlebombing Update

The DNS is propogating. I’ll have a shell up tonight or early in the morning. I have our first target, the guy who SPAMmed geek-chick earlier today.

There are rules in my head for this. They include:

1. Only one googlebomb per domain per month.

This way, you can’t get googlebombed uproariously or egregiously. Also, you can’t use googlebombing as a way just to get more hits.

2. Only register googlebombers may make official googlebombs.

Right now, I’m limiting this to myself, Brad, and Sean, although others of you can beg your way onto the list.

3. Other rules as I come up with them.

In other words, make some suggestions …

Muhahahhahaahahahhhahahahahahah … remember, it’s all about the feverish antelope.


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