Off to School-y World

Much as I don’t want to go, I put off homework last night so I could do laundry, watch the B’s kick the Flyers in the head, do more laundry, watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?, do even more laundry, watch Law & Order, do one last load, and catch NHL 2Night.

Not only am I just a little sleepy from staying up a little too late, I got nada of my homework done, and it’s due in less than four hours. So I get to eat three hours of work pay that I could get if I had done my homework last night instead of laughing at the incredible Wayne Brady.

Eh, it’s not all about money. Someone will say, “Just do your homework at your office.” Nah. I’ll have distractions if I’m here. I’ll just go sit in Tech Hall and crank it out … besides, I think I may have to use MATLAB to do part of this. 🙁

Scary … the IJSM Headmaster can’t bring himself to be a complete slacker …