Uhhhhhh, no.

Damn Hockey Giant. Damn them to hell.

I ordered a pair of Nike Ignite 2 skates from them. I ordered size 10 EE, because I have wide-ass feet. They shipped me a pair of 10 D’s. I looked on the order form … it has the “EE” crossed out in red pen and “D” written above it.

The HELL?!?!?!?!

If you’re out of the size, do me the favor of calling or sending an email and letting me know, “Hey, Geof, sorry, bro. We’re out of your size.”

Jerks. Now I have to send this pair back and get a new pair. I bet I get to pay one round of the shipping, too …

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  1. I got my problem resolved with my skates. Got the ones i wanted at a lower price, with free gloves and a 20 buck discount since i now recieve their free newsletter. sweetness

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