Eddie Bauer Goodness

Yay! I went by the apartment office after Sean and I had lunch at the Po Boy Factory in Five Points, and the package that was in the office for me was my big order from Eddie Bauer! A couple new polo shirts and a couple pairs of dress pants are now sitting in my truck, waiting to be tossed in the washer when I go home. 🙂

How many polos does this mean I have now? If Amy saw it, she’d say, “Entirely too many.” But some of mine are starting to show wear … one of them we bought back when my folks still lived in Forest, from the Burns’s clothing store … so that shirt has to be at least five years old, and I think I had it through most of MSMS, so it’s probably seven years old. But it’s still in decent shape.

Man, I don’t know what I’ve been thinking … Po Boy Factory is right by our apartment, and I’d never been there until today. Good food. Man, I hadn’t had a good oyster po boy in a while. Sure, it’s not like a po boy in N’Awlins or Mobile, but for Huntsvegas … mmmmmmmm. I’m definitely hitting that place more often.

Oh, and on the way home, I looked at a couple houses to rent. I’m going to stifle myself and just find a place to rent and put some money back in savings … not towards retirement, since I never want to retire, but towards future needs.


  1. Just five years old? *laugh*

    My favorite sweater is now twelve years old. My mother hates that sweater.

    I have plenty of shirts that are at least six years old. *shrug*

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