Man, I hate it when body parts hurt for no apparent reason. If I’m going to hurt, I want to know why.

My shoulder’s acting up again, like it does every few months or so. I guess I’ll live, but my Advil consumption will be going up for a while.

Talked with Todd. Sounds like UAH really got screwed at regionals. They can use the time off, and you know they’ll be ready for next year. You don’t win five national titles in a decade and just let something like this slide … no, you gear up for the next year and kick the competition square in the nuts.

Sorry, I’m pissed about this for Todd. I know how much work he’s put into this–precisely because I haven’t seen him in half of forever. I’ve missed having him around. -sniff-

But I’m still in a good mood. That can’t be repressed. 😀