Guyz Nite Oot

Yo, Leonard, Anthony, Sean, and all you other bums that read IJSM:

Thursday night. 8:30 p.m. Pla-Mor. Guyz only. Beer, bowling, and bastard-acted-ness. By fiat of the Twatter, who hath declared it Guyz Nite Oot.

Don’t give me some silly excuse as to why you can’t come on out.


  1. I should be there… no women eh? Hmmmm…. could be a problem, but I am sure I can work something out. I am planning on being up in about 4 hours or less here (I am rolling out for Montgomery at 8:30 in the morning, and need to wash some clothes before I leave). Ah well, we all know I don’t sleep so I should be able to pull it off. Must join the fraternal order of drunkeness. Should be back in town early enough to relax for a few and head out for some bowling. See you then–

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