Whew, it’s hot out! I went outside to go pick up my Aircraft Stability & Control textbook [I needed it to grab an equation for this presentation we have to deliver tomorrow], and I almost started sweating when I walked outside. While I really love my new khakis from Eddie Bauer, when it’s up in the 80’s Fahrenheit, that gets a bit warm for work clothes.

Oh well, I’m getting paid to sit here and get my homework done, so I’m not going to complain one iota. It really is a lovely day outside, as it’s late spring in Alabama. Summer will be here soon enough, with its many consecutive days of high double-digit temperatures and similarly high humidity. Gotta love living in the South!


  1. Isn’t it normally high double digits around here? I mean, what do you define as a high double digit? Anything above 50^? That’s not saying too much….

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