Oh, Way Down South …

This is just silly. Both the fine and the taping.

Racial tensions in this state aren’t going to die away unless we stop trying to dredge up the past and throw it back in each other’s faces.

I find this funny, because today, I got a call from my cell phone … it was Leonard, asking me to take part in some discussion forum with the Huntsville Times about an undetermined “racial topic”. Leonard’s comment was something like, “You’re politically correct enough not to make us [the SGA] look bad, but you’ll also say something worthwhile.”

There’s a reason why I’m pushing to be nominated for Director of External Affairs in SGA … 🙂


  1. You’re right. That really is extremely stupid. Why is it so hard for us to move on with our lives? And people wonder why I don’t want my children growing up around attitudes like this.

  2. I agree. The taping was making an issue out of something so trivial as to be laughable. Hypersensitive, much? And then by fining her, and making this a legal issue (and a story picked up by the press), it’s making it even more of an issue. This sort of stuff just makes me … sad.

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