Back At Work

Blah. I forgot to send over a document from work when I was here earlier, so I’m back.

I decided that a dinner break was in order. When I walked out, Kat had left me a snide note about working on the weekends on the windshield of my truck. I’d parked next to her when I came in, so I fully expected to have some sort of missive from my redheaded counterpart.

If she wants to get smart with me, I’ll remind her that I’m about to graduate, and that she has one more year of hell left. Nah-hah!

The insanity is beginning to set in, I think. I’ve heard from most everyone now. I have a couple more sections to insert, a couple more graphics to input … and then I get to start writing again.

I’m hoping my muse is going to return to me, because right now, I think she’s sipping mai-tais at some riki-tiki lounge, the bitch.


  1. Hey, admit it, you like my little notes that I leave on your car on campus whenever I see it. 😉 ‘Sides, I was at school doing work, too, so nah! Not like I accomplished much since the bastard domain servers were down. How am I supposed to get my lab 4 done when I can’t log into COE_WORLD?!

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