Insert –> Caption, Insert –> Cross-Reference

Thank God for Microsoft Word.

No, really.

We have so many bloody figures and tables in this paper [at present count, 15 and 5, respectively … and that’s without me inputting any of the French’s many, many figures and tables into the matrix] that if I didn’t have a macro for updating these things, I’d surely go insane.

I’ve been cranking on this paper pretty much continuously since the last post, and all I’ve really been doing is editing other people’s work–and not writing any of the [mumble] pages of this paper that are my own responsibility.

You know, my old futon is over here, and I think it’s going to get some use …

I will be going to church in the morning and in the evening, but I’m getting the gnawing feeling that, unless the pace quickens, I might be up here most of tomorrow afternoon. I’d hoped to sneak a little time for myself in there, but hey, I can let UAH have a couple of the 10 days I have left until finals are history.

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