Work Avoidance Mode Activated

Whew, I came over here to get some stuff off of my work machine for our paper … and now I’ve been drawn into the everlasting Solitaire battle.

Yep, it’s Procrastination Time. I’m working on a self-imposed deadline of finishing this tonight and polishing it tomorrow, so I’m right on schedule.

Oh, when I was in the Bookstore earlier, I talked with the manager. He was one of two people working–the other was Kris, Meghan’s husband. [Meghan being my … well, whatever you want to call her. Let’s just say the last female I seriously chased. I was in their wedding. Blech.] Jeff [the manager] is trying to get me on the Bookstore Committee for the fall. Of course, he only asked after finding out that I’d be at UAH again in the fall.

Man, I tell you, the people that find out about me coming back in the fall are of two camps: those who really do wish I’d move on and let someone else exert some influence for a change, and those who see it as an opportunity to continue to tap the resource that is my Useless Font of UAH Student Minutiae. The former should realize that I ceded influence to a lot of folks a while back now; the latter camp needs to realize that, too, as I feel increasingly out of touch with your average UAH student.

Oh well, I still have my opinions on How It Should Be at UAH, and I probably always will. As long as people are willing to listen–or, better, stupid enough to pay me for them [see The Exponent], I’m dumb enough to give them out.

See, now I’m rambling, just to avoid homework … 😀