Hmmm, if Dr. Bob would stop sending me emails about things about our Web server for IPT, I could go home and do that whole sleep thing.

Oh, it was interesting … my attendance in MAE 480 [Aircraft Stability & Control] has been quite sporadic of late. I asked my friend Brian tonight what we’d covered since the last exam [in other words, what I’d need to learn for the final]. His response, “Uhhhhh, I think there have been two class days that didn’t involve the project. Wait, maybe just one. And that was on notes that he’d already started on and just needed to finish in a little greater detail.” Sweeeeeeeeeeeet.

Now I just have the presentation in IPT, my final in there, the cutesy banquet on Friday, and finals next week. Those three finals are going to be pretty tame, I think. At present, I’d have to really boink one of them not to walk.

In eight days, I finish classes. In 20, I will walk across the stage and be handed a diploma. In 21, I will start work here full time. In two, I will get my offer. I confirmed that with Ed at church yesterday.