Well, I don’t officially have an offer. Unofficially, I do. The paperwork should be done tomorrow. I might be here when it comes in, and I might not. I’m coming in to work in the morning, and I’ll be here after our team’s presentation. I have things to do.

Yes, I know what I’m making. Oh, it’s good money. I just am not going to post it here. If you want to know, you’ll contact me about that, and if I think you should know, I’ll tell you. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I’ll make okay coin.

A lot of things have complicated the offer getting to me. One was the fact that a major customer [Guign�] almost fell through–and that would have put two or three people out of work. The almost is just that, though–they’re back online now, and in better financial shape than before. I can’t elaborate, but that job is solid now. It made little sense to try to hire someone when three people might be out of jobs, right?

We’ve also had a big proposal effort–more money, more work, stuff through 2004–that’s kept my boss busy the last few days. In fact, it’s what kept him [and me, some of the day] busy all day today, and it’s why we didn’t talk until 5:30, and it’s why I’m still at work at 6:15. [That, and the fact that I have something to send out on one of our other contracts now.]

But I’ve got a sure-fire job, it’s in the money range I’d expected, and I start on the 13th. Wahoo. I feel better now.


  1. Mike: Thanks.

    Heather: Break? I haven’t had a vacation in three years. Why start now? My "vacation" this summer will be two weeks of mission work.

    Doug: Yeah, if you stay Sunday night, I’ll probably leave the house before you do, ’cause I’ll be going to work early that morning.

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