Missing Finals

Heh, seems that Sarah had her instructor [well, the proctor] skip out on the final. Sarah, when Dr. Schutzenhofer did that to my Fluids II class, the final became “optional”–you could take it and help but not hurt your grade, or skip it and keep the grade that you had. Anyhow, that’s probably what Wessling will make Moses do.

I have three finals in 24 hours next week, and frankly, I’m not worried about a one of them. I’m up here at work pecking on a PowerPoint presentation for church [yeesh, this is the fourth PowerPoint presentation I’ve made this week …], and then I’m going to go back home and clean out my truck. It’s a lovely day out, and I might as well make use of the time.

I just wish that Samantha wasn’t working tonight. Oh well.