Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Okay, so I’m not done yet, but as I just left my Aircraft Stability & Control exam feeling reasonably confident that I’d made a solid A or B on it [thereby squeaking into an outside shot at a B if he curves the grades, or likely a solid C if he doesn’t], I’m feeling exuberant. I have taken my last engineering final at UAH. The only thing left is Art History … which when I began to review it last night, made lots and lots of sense to me. I’d read most of the Roman text already, and I had the slide list for the Roman part. The Roman part is 2/3 of this exam; if she got to the Byzantine, Romanesque, or Gothic parts, I’ll be surprised. However, I know just enough about each to fake my way through it all.

Holy crap, I think I’m going to be done soon. Holy crap.

The other thing to be happy about: the TBE network is alive again. I was looking at an entire week of unproductivity [hush, all of you!], but now it’s going again and I’ll be heading over to work this afternoon. W00t.