Goin’ Home

Well, I have to get back in the groove of teaching my Wednesday night small group at church, so I’m going home a little early so I can vegetate, maybe take a quick nap, and then ponder what I’ll discuss with them. Honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’ll bring up tonight. Must take my new digital camera to take a group photo of them, too.

Yeah, I broke down and bought one. Best Buy had a Sony Cybershot DSC-P71 on sale; I had the money to do it, and after finals yesterday, I did retail therapy. I can afford it, since I’m about to be a full-timer. Happy Graduation to me.

I will meet up with Kat and Sean afterwards … we’re going to the Thirsty Turtle to celebrate Kat finishing finals. Maybe Todd and/or Sarah can meet up with us.

I have other business to attend to this evening as well, most of it having to do with not having my bedroom look like the wreck that it does. I’d do a set of before and after photos, but I’d be ashamed to put before photos online. 🙂


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