And So I Wait …

Well, I have seen two of my grades so far. One of them is ugly. The other is the A that I expected to get from IPT. The two I haven’t gotten are Aircraft Stability & Control and Art History. I’m not much worried about those two.

I discussed grades with Todd earlier. He’s kinda perturbed at me, but then he came to the realization that most everyone comes to, “Well, you really don’t want to be an engineer, so what does it matter to you?” Precisely.

I called my buddy Paul Valentine last night. He and I talked for a bit, and he’s kinda miffed at those who say I couldn’t go directly to seminary with my engineering degree. But we talked, and I think he agrees with me that the M.A. isn’t a bad call for me at this time in my life. He’s got a good gig lined up: he’ll be youth director at a big church down in Ocean Springs [St. Paul, since Rick might know of it] until they get their new church built … and then he’s slated to become the new pastor there. Too bad that it takes Paul all the way to the Coast, though; that puts him much farther away from his kids, I fear.