Stiff, Sore, Hacked

Well, I’m a little stiff and all from getting a solid nap yesterday afternoon and then sleeping in this morning. Like a dumbass, when I woke up at 5:15, I screwed up and fast-forwarded the time and not the alarm time on the clock … so I didn’t awaken again until 8:00, because the stormy nature of Huntsville right now doesn’t have lots of sun peeking into my room to wake me up.

[This is the point where Todd says to himself, “Elephants mating in the hallway outside your door wouldn’t wake you up, you taco.”]

Man, my neck is sore. I’m not sure what my damage is; perhaps it’s sympathy pain for my sinus headache. [Yeah, I have one today, which is silly, since the rains have killed the pollen count. Alas.]

I’m hacked … I can’t use the CD-ROM drive again on this machine. Yeesh.