Sharing a Brain

Todd and I have to stop sharing a brain!

[13:43] IJSMorg: I’d say that we should go looking this weekend, but … uh …
[13:43] Todd: Maybe by the end of the month I could have about 500 for a deposit.
[13:43] IJSMorg: I know that I could.
[13:43] Todd: Well we can look next weekend.
[13:44] IJSMorg: Yep.
[13:44] Todd: That’ll work.
[13:44] IJSMorg: I’ll get the paper on Sunday.
[13:44] Todd: Maybe get a Sunday paper this weekend and see what’s out there again.
[13:44] IJSMorg: We’ll do some calling and set up some visits and such.
[13:44] Todd: exactly
[13:44] IJSMorg: Dammit, we have to stop thinking alike.
[13:46] Todd: I would say great minds think alike, but in this case its probably more like birds of a feather.
[13:46] IJSMorg: Flap flap, baby.

Amy thinks it comes from being married. Me, I think it just comes from living together.