Wacky Mid-Day Stuff

I swear, my friends are weird. Sometime between my last oil change [April 11] and, oh, the other, my right headlight went out. Because I have good headlights, I never really noticed it being out [that, and I don’t drive a whole lot at night]. Unfortunately, Kat, Sean, Sarah, and Todd all noticed that it was out and failed to tell me. All of them, upon my mention of it, said, “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you that.” My friends … I love them anyway. 🙂 I’d have to, since they put up with me!

Suffice it to say that I just went to Advance Auto Parts and bought myself a new headlight. I started to buy two, but then I remembered that I replaced the left headlight not two years ago [as I remember, right before I headed to MissionFest 2000], so I decided that it was silly to replace it. Gladly, I bought another Sylvania lamp, and I remembered that I’d bought a specific type before, so my headlights are going to match again. [I guess a contributing factor to the lack of notice on my part was that the new lamp was brighter than the old one. That, and senility. Yeah, that’s it.]

Dear Lord, the drivers in this town are nuts at lunchtime. The only time that’s worse is when it’s raining at lunchtime. If it’s raining at lunchtime, you have to work to make me get out of the building for lunch. Yeesh. But I needed to do this now, while I was thinking about it, ’cause I need to go out to the county and take care of the Dynamic Duo while Jeff and Amy are enjoying some needed vacation time. I didn’t want to forget to do that while I was out later today, because I’m scatterbrained enough to forget later.

Hmmmph, must get back to work. The pile on my desk gets no smaller.


  1. Okay, if you’re going to blame me, at least give me a chance! I never even noticed your headlight was out, because I haven’t been in front of your truck at night to notice. So, blame Sean and the rest of them, but I’m innocent… as usual.

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