A Paid Sportswriting Gig?

Well, I do believe that I’ve scored a paid sportswriting gig. USA College Hockey Magazine sent out an email to the six sports information directors for the College Hockey America conference [which UAH plays in]. Jamie Gilliam, UAH’s hockey SID, forwarded me the email, thinking I’d be interested. He was right.

I contacted Brian McDonough about the position. It’s actually a paid position–not much, mind you, but this is a new magazine. From the looks of it, I’d say it’s got a lot of potential, as college hockey is still growing by leaps and bounds.

This will be the first offline sportswriting I’ve really done. That’s going to be different for me: from 1996 until now, it’s all been online, which means hard-hitting, timely stuff. For a print magazine, the writing style is different, and I’ll have to adjust.

This doesn’t conflict with my work for USCHO: in fact, Jim Connelly, the MAAC Correspondent for USCHO, is their national correspondent. The writing styles are so diverse that there won’t really be any overlap–other than the subject material, of course.

Man, this should be fun … I’m kinda psyched.