Old Saws

The old saw goes: “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Now, I might not exactly describe what I’ve been doing this morning as “fun”, but man, it’s 10:30 already?

I’m almost up to that big pile of paper now. I had to think about something for our Canadian customer overnight to give them a reply, and I think that I have one. I don’t like it, but we’ll deal with it, I guess.

But the realization dawns: while I may not love my job, I am technically competent to be doing it. And while that does bring about a certain amount of fear, it does thrill me just a little tiny bit.

Of course, it’s like our QE, David, said to me this morning: “Now, understand that, come Monday, you forefeit your right to bitch about working at TBE for one year. After all, you’ve worked here for three years, you know how f—ed up this place is, and yet you still jumped at their offer. Co-ops, when will they ever learn?!” He then laughed and walked out. [Of course, David is responsible for the stack of shtuff on my desk.]