Wonderful, Joyful Fun

Hi. My name is Geof.

My employers are convinced that I am now an engineer.

See stuck over on my bookshelf just inside the door? That’s what’s showed up on my desk in just the first hour this morning.

You see, back in January of 2001, my old boss, Scott, left TBE for another company here in town. We miss Scott, and on days like this, especially so. Hardware that we procured from a vendor to sell to a customer back in 1998 and 1999–some of it just as I was beginning work here–has failed. Being the only resident aerospace engineer on staff, and being that this is fluid control hardware, I get this fun job.

Woohoo! Too bad this is going to suck up lots of time. I’d hoped that the hard stuff would wait until next week … 🙂