Dickering With My Stereo

Now that I’m rearranging my room a bit for my computers and such [I need to get rid of this one chair that I’ve had since my senior year at MSMS … it’s taking up space that I just don’t have in this shoebox of a bedroom, and it’s too fugly to keep], I’m having to reset my stereo, again.

Hey, I think I’m pissing off the neighbors upstairs. I don’t think I’m pissing them off nearly as much as they’ve pissed me off tonight, considering that one of their kids [how many do they have?] has decided to run up and down the hall, constantly, half of the night. I mean, what is that kid doing–prepping for shuttle runs as a soccer, football, or baseball player? Prepping to run the sprints at the Olympics? Whatever, it’s frustratin’, I tells ya!

Oh well. It’s off to the movies for me. Best flip the computer off and get motivated towards the theater …